The Boat


The Pearson Triton was designed by Carl Alberg and launched in 1959 at the National Boatshow in New York. Its looks were inspired by the Scandinavian folk boats and was one of the first boats in production to use a fiberglass hull. By using fiberglass Carl Alberg was able to produce a seaworthy boat, with more room at a fraction of the cost of its wooden counterparts. This innovation brought quality boats within reach of middle class families and began a whole new era for sailing.

The most notable Triton would have to be James Baldwin’s boat, Atom, which completed two solo circumnavigations

The 1473264_3618951593585_673205294_o961 Pearson Triton we have chosen for our voyage is a robust, full keel cruiser well known for its seaworthiness and blue water capabilities. Although small, at just over 28.5ft long, it is well equipped and fills all of our needs. Until this journey comes to an end this is our home.


2 thoughts on “The Boat

  1. The best is yet to come. Just spent the week of 1/11-18 in La Cruz visiting cruising friends. Everything North of Acapulco is very nice.

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