San Diego to Ensenada

Check out time from our guest slip in San Diego was 11:00 am so naturally we were just leaving the dock at 1pm. The sun was out and the wind could not have been better as we sailed down the channel and south towards Mexico. With no swell and just enough wind to push us along at 6 knots, we were making good time right from the start.

20121220_164354.jpgAs we were leaving the channel I passed as close to a US Naval destroyer as I felt I could get away with, without getting yelled at, fined, imprisoned or fired upon. The sun was setting just as we came abreast the Coronado islands while a large group of sea lions chased a school of fish around our boat. This was easily the easiest and most enjoyable sailing we had done thus far, and it would continue this way throughout the night.

With a forecast of “variable 10 knots or less” I planned for an average speed of only 3 knots for the 63NM trip. imag0768-1.jpgThis left us on track to arrive a full 5 hours before the boat yard opened. As we rounded the point to enter Bahia Todos Los Santos the wind had shifted ahead. We chose to lazily meander at 2 knots, enjoying the sunrise, for the final 10 miles. When we finally arrived in the harbor it was just after 8am.

Once in the harbor we hailed Baja Naval on Channel 77 622379_347943448637781_929889040_oand our boat was on its way out of the water in minutes. In another 45 the boat had been pressure-washed and set in what was to be its temporary home for the following week.

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