Oceanside to San Diego

We departed Oceanside at 3am on Monday, December 17, 2012 after staying two days. It was cold and drizzling for the first half of the leg so we both were in full foul-weather gear just to stay warm. Fortunately by mid-morning, the weather cleared up and the blue sky started emerging slowly from behind the looming grey clouds.

We made it to the entrance of San Diego harbor at about noon; however, from the channel entrance to our guest dock was another four miles. This took an additional hour to reach our final destination.  The whole trip from dock to dock took about 11 hours.  Despite some unpleasant weather, there was not any major catastrophe on the way to San Diego.
The two full days we had in San Diego were spent running errands, getting paperwork and last minute supplies for the boat. This didn’t leave us any time to relax or explore but we did find a good burrito joint (Loma Bonita).

On the first day we had to find a vet clinic, for Gidget’s International Health Certificate, as well as a rental car to run our errands. After we got our car, we went to a few marine shops to pick up spares for the engine and other small hard-to-find bits. We also had to track down an alternator as ours had stopped working.  For two days we were busy taking care of paperwork and supplies: we went grocery shopping, to Kinko’s to make 20 copies of our paperwork (for immigration and customs purposes), took Gidget to the vet, got our Mexican fishing license, and Jerrad mounted the propane tank on the stern pulpit and installed the new alternator. Whew! What a terrible way to start our vacation voyage! Nevertheless, with paperwork and copies sorted and the boat ready with boat parts and supplies in hand, the rest of the journey should hopefully be more relaxing and enjoyable.

Thursday December 20, 2012 we finally left San Diego after obtaining a new alternator and returning the rental car. We left around 1 PM. After an awkward and difficult departure, we managed to get out of San Diego safely and were on our merry way to Ensenada, Mexico.

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